Thank you for sharing your tree poems with us – poems that you have written, and other people’s poems that have become your favourites. The collection here will grow as more are shared. If you’d like to add a verse, please contact us, or reach us through Facebook or @butnorain on Twitter.

Josephine Dickinson: Earth Journey       A Philip Larkin poem, in reflection

Katy Ewing: Return to River Path           Norman Hadley: The Beech Tree

Norman Hadley: Leaf Skeleton              Rachael Clyne: In Place

Rachael Clyne: Decomposed                  Susan Taylor: Implements of Song

Julian Dobson: The Defiance of Trees      Sarah Watkinson: Ash

Maggie Mackay: The Silver Birch at the Botanics

Sean Hunt: Diva Trees                               Jennifer Copley: The Sycamores

Angi Holden: Wittenham Clumps              John Coops: Remembering

Kerry Darbishire: Rooted

John Boardman: The Orchard at Oppermanskraal

Jean Atkin: Old Winter Burr Oak           Jean Atkin: pop lar

Lorna Cooper: Looking at Birches ,  Hag Wood and Autumn Rain

Samantha Hodgson: The Lonely Tree and Me

Jacci Bulman: May moon party, Axons for memories we need and Stay/linger/remain

Rebecca Neal: What is a tree?

Polly Sullivan: The Wood