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If you’ve come to this site, we’re guessing that you’re interested in trees and there’s a high chance you care about them. So, as well as asking you to share your stories about trees with us, we’d like to give you an opportunity to play a role in influencing the debate around tree planting in Cumbria by filling out a simple survey. Every entrant’s name will be entered into a draw and the selected person will receive a piece of artwork from The Long View exhibition.

The survey is being carried out by one of The Long View partners, Friends of the Lake District. This independent charity plays a key role in influencing the debate about how landscape is managed across Cumbria. And they’re inviting you to add your voice – your opinions about trees will help them to plan for a future Cumbrian landscape in consultation with other landscape management organisations.

Friends of the Lake District was one of the organisations instrumental in the establishment of the Lake District National Park, and has recently been involved in securing the extension of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales National Parks, whose new boundaries come into effect on August 1st 2016. Its key aim is to secure a landscape that is:

  • Beautiful, diverse, locally distinctive, tranquil and environmentally healthy;
  • Conserved and enhanced;
  • Accessible and enjoyed by all.

To complete the simple survey, please follow this link to the Friends of the Lake District Survey about trees. Although this survey relates specifically to Cumbria its impact may go further: information and actions relating to local areas almost always have national and even global significance, and every opinion shared is valuable. From small seeds whole forests grow.

Thank you for your time.

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