I like looking at trees
the way they look as the seasons change.
The familiarity they bring.
The different shapes and stories they tell.
Firmly rooted, tall and proud.

I like looking at people who are happy,
Joyful and content.
No seriousness or pain,
In love and not ashamed,
Holding hands with no emotional games.

I like it when I’m travelling,
The feeling of going somewhere new
Meeting friends or observing something
beautiful, reflective and true.

I used to look at couples in love,
and wish for such serenity.
I’ve tasted molten laver and
freedom is much sweeter.

For every encounter comes
a life time of anger.
Pessimistic views, volatile arguments
In posh tea rooms.

Oh to be the lonely tree,
bare with all to see,
Still tall and proud
A gift from nature
well endowed.

Samantha Jayne Hodgson is on a journey of self-awareness and self-expression. Her passions lie in travelling, meeting new and exciting people, seeing new places, immersing herself in different cultures. She has adapted her life to the principles of respecting all life. She has many hopes and dreams and expresses herself through poetry.  She loves hot sunny days mixed with freedom. Thrives on travelling, the feeling of going somewhere new. She enjoys taking hot relaxing baths with her soul. Is nourished by Yoga and stretching out with her breath. It is important for her to have balance, faith and harmony. She values empathy and wants peace in this world and the next. She longs for love, to be visible to the invisible.