“… this is much more than a book of seven trees … it possesses something extra, some indefinable ingredient that wraps the reader in as you proceed … its pages possess that intangible quality of awareness, which leads us, page after page, toward a deeper understanding of nature.” Sir John Lister-Kaye

The Long View book - foreword

Earlier this year we visited the naturalist and author Sir John Lister-Kaye at House of Aigas, his home and a centre where thousands of people every year come to spend time among trees, lochs and rivers, and learn about the natural environment. We feel very privileged that he has written the foreword for The Long View book.

The Long View book - section from the Langstrath Birch

To be honest, we were almost moved to tears by his words and the realisation that through the book we have gone some way towards doing what we hope to do through this project and in our other work – to instill feelings of curiosity, awe and love for the natural world, because it is these emotions that drive the urge to keep finding out more, and to care.

The Long View book - section from the Little Asby Hawthorn

The Long View book introduces each of the seven trees with an essay – we talk about each individual tree and its species, about its local environment and its place within the context of natural and cultural history, and the people who share its habitat. There is a section of interviews with people whose passion is trees: woodsmen and women, artists, ecologists, land managers, arboreal specialists, and others.

We have devoted a section to the Light Walk and the Dark Walks; there is a section of night-time images, and there is poetry, a gentle scattering to reach the parts that prose just can’t get to. We also discuss the wider context: trees in the UK and the potential to increase tree and woodland cover, and we extend our conversations beyond the shores of the British Isles with interviews and thoughts on global issues.

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Join us within the constellation of seven remarkably ordinary trees.

The Long View
184 pages
220 photographs
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Some feedback …

I’m enjoying the book like a box of chocolates – I keep it within sight and every now and again dip in to sample something different. Congratulations to you and Rob for producing something so wonderful.

Thank you for sending the Long View book.
It has made my week and has evoked a lot of happy memories for me. 

Thank you for your lovely book.
I am very much enjoying reading it and the second copy is on its way to my friends.

We have just received our copy of your magnificent book, ‘the Long View’ and we have never seen such an inspirational and gloriously produced book about the Lake District in the whole of our lives.  The photographs are superb, the poetry and the text help us to appreciate the way our trees and rocks speak to us, not as inanimate objects but as an integral part of our lives. 

This book is a thing of beauty, thank you. 


To buy the book for £15 + £2.50 P&P, visit the somewhere-nowhere shop.


The Long View book - section from Finding Poems

The Long View book - After Light