If we lay ourselves down in the woods
and refuse to go home even
when we really want our tea

if we lie there for hours staring up at beech leaves
which are a green chosen to be perfect with the bluebell blue
and stay almost still

till we
feel full of all we miss
forget the fears in the house

the pressures of unfixed
just lie as if invited
till the creatures start to think we are a part of it

and nudge nearer

then we can fall asleep
and the moon will
soak us in a light that it does not own

so is happy to share
and it will not pour down but filter through
the leaves,

it will stroke us with white satin gloves.


Jacci Bulman studied ‘Human Sciences’ at Oxford University, then began to learn about healing. Now she lives in a converted chapel in northern Cumbria and sets up live poetry events through ‘Eden 4 Poetry’, often fundraising for human welfare charities. She also organises deep relaxation/visualisation workshops, followed by creative arts. Jacci is published in anthologies including ‘The Poet’s Quest For God’ (Eyewear Publishing, 2016) and her first poetry collection published by Cinnamon Press is ‘A Whole Day Through From Waking’. Jacci is currently working on three books: ‘In the Holding’ (poetry); ‘How to be a Survivor’ (on just that); and ‘Is Love Enough?’ which looks at modern Christian thinking.

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