Diffused in the distance,
sponge-like airy crowns on silver stalks.
In view the dainty silver birches
soften the lake shore and fell-side walks.

Adorned in green torn edged paper
ovals wafting in the summer breeze.
Decorative in winter’s jewellery,
draped in pearly rain droplet beads.

Lissom limbs bend and sway,
delicate tresses hang in flower.
So lightly sheltering the ground beneath,
named pretty Betula Pendula.


Lorna Cooper lives on the west side of Coniston Water in the Lake District. Her house looks out onto a small wood, which inspired this poem. Lorna has built a collection of poems influenced by local landscapes and travels abroad. Her recent book of poems “Landscapes and Watermarks” is available in the Coniston “Honest Shop”.