When we grow up, move location, or reflect back on favourite holidays or walks, the image of a specific tree lingers. Those that were favourite climbing trees in childhood might now look a little small – but their influence continues to be huge. Trees feature in so many memories and become almost immortalised.

We’ll add in your memories and stories as they arrive, and we’ll share them with the Woodland Trust to add to the collection of stories that will help in the formation of the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People. Thank you for sharing!

The Forked Oak David Edwick, Newcastle

The Stopping Tree Annabel Banks, London

The Dufton Tree, Alex Jacob-Whitworth, Appleby

Back to Johnstonebridge Katy Ewing, Scotland

One Special Tree Dave Hill, Kendal

My Haunted Tree Tim Brown, Hawkshead

A Story of Healing Claire Bowker, Lancashire

What this tree has seen!  Keith Bamber, Duddon Valley

The Town’s Sweet Chestnut  Jean Atkin, Church Stretton

111 Trees for Every Girl  An Indian Village Custom

Rising Mist   Barbra Cropper (a monoprint)

A Favourite Tree in Upton Pyne   Amanda Drake

The trees I helped to plant  Andrea Mounsey

Scattergun Nurturing  Anonymous

Just because it’s there   Simon