claire bowker at her beech treeAfter being diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and consequently enduring a gruelling regime of chemo and then surgery, being within nature and visiting ‘My Tree’ became one of my coping strategies.

I would endeavour to walk the distance needed to reach My Tree which was situated in peaceful woodland, beside a rippling steam, hidden away on my friends land. I knew that once I reached My Beech Tree that I would be rewarded by its beautiful, majestic presence.
In full leaf its branches reach down to the ground enveloping me in a place of tranquil security.

Reaching it was such an achievement that I took strength from it.  Grounding me in an almost healing way as if it knew its purpose; similar to when greeting an old friend.
It stood with me throughout my treatment, helping me through those awful times and for that I will always be grateful.

There is no doubt that being within nature, breathing the fresh air, surrounding myself with the sights and sounds of the woodland and hills, played a huge part in not only my recovery but in my general well being and positivity for life during one of my worst times.  Go out and enjoy our beautiful world.

Claire Bowker, Caton, Lancashire