Not a whole tree, but thought I’d send you a picture of our favourite garden find last year on our beautiful hazelnut :

 hazel nuts (amanda drake)

There’s also another one we walk past daily that has a long-ago broken branch that is crudely phallic, but on the other side has an old scar that is a beautiful representation of a woman, either as a torso, or zoomed in as far more obviously female. A favourite tree for my daughter and me to walk by.

Upton pine: Amanda Drake    Upton pine 2 (Amanda Drake)

It isn’t it’s natural shape as so many branches have fallen off. There is ‘pine’ symbolism everywhere there: metal pine finials on the fence posts, stone pine-cones on gate posts etc.

It is on the track towards Pynes House, a fantastic Inigo Jones designed Grade 2 listed property in sunny Devon (Upton Pyne EX5 5EF). It was allegedly the inspiration for Sense and Sensibility! We give the place a different name (the peace is often interspersed by primeval noises as it has a large pig farm, so we call that the track to ‘Jurassic Pork’).

Upton Pyne gatepost (Amanda Drake)