For The Long View our essential tool list is reasonably short:

  • Boots – We both wear Meindl boots and are brand ambassadors for Bramwell International who market the boots here in the UK. They have kept our feet warm and dry on the fells for years.
  • Bags – We use a mixture of bags depending on how much gear we want to lug into the fells. Rob usually totes an ancient Lowe Alpine 45 litre sack, but his favourite bag is made by Millican. It is named after him: Fraser the Rucksack. Rob is one of the so-called Millican Mavericks. He is very chuffed to have a bag named after him. Harriet usually carries a Gregory 30 litre backpack, which she loves.
  • Cameras – A large format camera, a digital SLR, and a compact Olympus. There’s more about these here.
  • Notebook & Pencil – Has to be a pencil so it won’t run if the book gets wet. Harriet also carries a watercolour kit and black fine-line for sketching.
  • Zoom HD2N Microphone – For recording notes, sound and voiceovers whilst out with the trees. The quality is fantastic, even during windy days thanks to the furry mic cover.
  • Phones – Harriet uses a Samsung Galaxy to write her notes on and takes pictures. When it rains she writes on it through a special plastic bag. Rob uses an iphone 5 to take Hipstamatic pictures on and to post onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram whilst out in the hills.
  • Maps – We have both used Ordnance Survey maps for years. They are perfect for the information we need to glean to help us make the most from each journey. For The Long View we are using all four of the Outdoor Leisure Explorer Maps for the Lake District (OL 4,5,6,7) plus the Northern Howgills map for the Little Asby Hawthorn.
  • Stamina – We are normally out for several hours and during winter it requires a lot of energy staying warm, let alone moving, in the fells.
  • Curiosity – Curiosity is perhaps our main driver. It developed the project and has kept us open to new thoughts and processes.
  • Dog for moral – Our English Springer, Guillemot, is our constant companion. He would be offended if we left him behind! He is always up for a walk – whatever the weather – and the longer the better.
  • Food – Sandwiches, rolls and pies. And a flask of black tea. We also usually take out some fruit too, but bring it back with us. Frankly when you’re cold and damp a Gala apple ain’t going to do the job.
  • Warm Gear – It’s essential to be warm. We will write more about our gear in a future blog.


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