A Tale of two Sundays

On the last two Sundays we have forsaken the warmth of a cosy bed and headed out into the cold. We wanted to share what the trees witness: darkness, stars, the quiet of night, the half-light that comes with a full moon in a cloudless sky, and the coming of day. We were rewarded with… Read More

Waiting for the stars

When the sun has dipped below the western horizon but it’s not yet dark all around is velvetine. The fells become a felted mesh of colours: browned bracken; grass made luminous green by the simmering light; crags greyed and subdued now there are no certain shadows, their harshness is hidden by the half-dim; trees lose… Read More

Darkness Fell: Painting a tree with light

in secret untrod land of night hawthorn riding stonebone waves of an ancient sea spirits are starlight At the beginning of the project we knew that we wanted to visit the trees during all of the seasons to experience their landscape in different types of weathers. Feel what they have to endure through the annual… Read More