When the Tree Charter was launched in Lincoln in November we loved being part of the celebrations – but we also knew we still had some celebrating to do here in Cumbria. Time has flown and now it’s time to plant the Legacy Trees in the centre of the three treefolds we created last year. Next month, while the young trees are still dormant, we’ll be settling them into their new locations and holding public events so that we can share the occasion. We’ll also be marking the new status of the Lake District as a World Heritage site. If you’d like to join us, read on. As well as the tree planting, there will be time to find out more about the area’s heritage, learn about trees, and even plant a tree yourself.

treefold centre in snow, Grizedale Forest
Last week it was a bit chilly at treefold:centre. We’re hoping for mild weather on February 12th!

, February 12th
.   We’re teaming up with the Forestry Commission in Grizedale Forest to plant the first Legacy Tree – an aspen – within the treefold, then spend the morning planting trees to kickstart a new forest extension beside the treefold. Forestry specialists will be sharing insights into trees and forestry; and there will be poetry as well. If you want to take part in the planting there is a limit to numbers so follow this Eventbrite link  to book. If you don’t mind about planting but would like to be part of the day and enjoy the spectacular view from the track below Caron Crag, just turn up.  And if you’d like to bring a poem or a story, feel free!

Meet us at the reception on the Visitor Centre by 10am, and we will walk up to the treefold from there. More details about the route and what to bring here. Grid Ref of treefold:centre is SD 328939.

Completed treefold:north overlooking Ullswater

treefold:north, February 20th.  treefold:north overlooks Ullswater and the oak tree that will be planted here will become part of a beautiful woodland pasture. The National Trust‘s Ullswater rangers will be on site to oversee the planting, and we’ll be joined by the children from Patterdale School (back in 2016 we spent time at the Glencoyne Pine with them and it’s lovely to continue this connection). If you’d like to celebrate with us, take a stroll along The Ullswater Way in the morning: park at Glencoyne Car Park or at Aira Force (postcode for Sat Nav: CA11 0JS). The treefold Grid Reference is NY 394195. We’re aiming to plant around 10am.

treefold:east in evening light

treefold:east, February 21st   For the third planting we’ll be at treefold:east on Little Asby Common on Wednesday 21st. We’re looking forward to sharing the event with dry stone walling volunteers from Friends of the Lake District, and local residents who’ll be joining us. If you travel for the event you might want to spend a bit longer here and take a walk up to the Little Asby Hawthorn, which sits on Lousy Brow not far from the treefold. We’re aiming to plant at 11am. Treefold Grid Ref  NY686093.

Little Asby Hawthorn midwinter 2016
at the Little Asby Hawthorn, midwinter 2016

Taking the Long View

In a sense, it’s not really true to say that the treefolds will be complete once the trees are inside them. As sculptural pieces they will alter with each season, as the trees grow and as the environments around them change. We plan to keep a close eye on them over the coming years and decades, and regularly visit to sit and share some quiet time with each of the trees. Maybe you will too?

Meanwhile …

… if you’re in Newcastle, The Long View exhibition is in the Great North Museum : Hancock until March 4th.

The Long View exhibition at the Great North Museum : Hancock, Newcastle




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