It has been just over two months since The Long View exhibition opened in Grizedale Forest. We’ve been more than heartened with the wonderfully positive response and the numbers of people who have made their way to the gallery, and we’re delighted to announce that the show will carry on for longer than originally planned – the exhibition will be in place until October 10th.

As part of the exhibition, there’s a video in which we talk about the two-year process of gathering words and images: what inspires us; the people we met along the way, interviewed and walked with; the thinking behind the colour installations; the environment; the way poetry emerges and image choices are made; and the process of distilling all those walks, camps, conversations and observations into what appears in the book and in the exhibition. If you’re curious, grab a cuppa, click the image below, and sit back.

The Long View - film about the process

The video has been made for us by the extremely talented film maker Matt Sharman, integrating his own filming with Rob’s images and video footage of our time with the trees and our walks across Cumbria. Huge thank you, Matt.

If you’re curious, the image of Rob’s wet feet at the top of the page was taken beside the Langstrath Birch. This is what happens when you need to take photographs from the middle of the beck and you don’t want to get your boots wet.

2 thoughts on “The Long View Video & Exhibition Extension

  1. We all need a reminder of how beautiful our country is , the loveliest & with the most diverse scenery in the world ! Thank you for inspiring photos & text.


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