One of the joys of walking and being outside is the small world. What’s at your feet. We stop, frequently, to look around us. And we get low, very low, to look at the tiny universe of grasses, moss, fungi; flower petals, spiders’ webs, dew droplets; lichen on rocks, crawling insects; scat. The wonder of discovery and watching doesn’t ever seem to go away, and getting up close is a sure way of pausing. The Long View is not about a quick pace – it’s about dwelling in each place and delving into its stories, and letting ourselves be drawn in.

bird's footprints in snow

Some of the elements of the small world will be finding their way into our work physically, as well as in words and pictures. We’ll be gathering leaves and other found objects to put into our mix for making paper – and this will form part of the final exhibition.

We are not botanists or ecologists but we are learning. The more we look, the more we discover. And we meet up or share images with people who can identify what we’ve been looking at.

web and water




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